Ip6 framework


The Ip6 platform is an intelligent, modular and scalable industrial software  which works with validated procedures. This allows our customers to provide a reliable solution to face new business opportunities providing both, efficiency and profitability.

Ip6 provides full-integrated materials and operations traceability control. It is an intelligent management from the materials reception to dispensing, warehouse management, material flows, quality control, production and distribution.

Developed by Labware and validated in several logistic and pharmaceutical facilities, Ip6 enables the progressive installation of features incorporating the various existing technologies in the market.

It consists of modules that can be implemented together or independently, and seamlessly integrate with any ERP and with other applications and databases (SAP, Navision, Oracle, JDE, SAGE, BPCS, etc), and to data capture connecting with scada’s and PLC’s.

The system architecture is such that the natural growth extensions caused by new customer needs and advances in technology provide a path of stable and smooth upgrade from one version to another.

The Ip6 framework is a complete and integrated warehouse, materials flow, quality control and production management

Ip6 framework modules


  • Warehouse and material flows management. Order processing, picking and deliveries.
  • Manages automation and facility devices.
  • Real time paperless operations from the beginning to the end of the process.
  • Full operations and materials traceability, GMP and FDA compliance.


  • Quality control laboratories management.
  • Dynamic sample and results management

Ip6 MES, eBR

  • Production modules. Paperless material flow management. Electronic batch record.

Ip6 W&D

  • Weight and dispensing; full weighing booths management

Ip6 Dashboard

  • Real time information in a specific monitoring system
  • Knowledge database

Ip6, plataforma de fácil uso para la gestión de:

Essential tool for global management in a quality environment. Quality and precision together in a single concept