Ip6-Form is a software module to manage weight and dispensing booths. Includes all the features of the management of the recipes and formulation, from the entrance of raw material to the dispensing of the formula, optimizing human and technological resources with full traceability.

Ip6-Forms, is installed in laboratories, hospital pharmacies, regulated industry and research centers

Weighing guides, labels, certificates, statistics, costs, inventory, product sheets, information for patients or departments, audit states are some of the documents issued by the application

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Ip6 W&D solution

  • The Ip6 W & D has been designed to guide the staff in all tasks of operations during weighing. It is structured in several SOP that constitute operations and documents for each phase. Each operation is an action or group of actions to be executed, and may have one or more screens associated with it. It has density and  moisture measurement parameters.
  • Ip6 W & D also offers automatic generation of audit trails and document control.
  • Allows direct or indirect integration with any ERP system (SAP, BPCS, Navision, J.D. Edwards, etc).

Automatic procedures in ip6 standard solution

  • Execution of the work orders

  • Guided weighing operation connected with scales

  • Double-checking not needed

  • Basic Phases and electronic recipes management

  • Plan and working orders process management from MES and ERP

  • Plan and management of transversals process orders (cleanings, sterilization, calibrations, in process control, etc.)

  • Reduces associated costs to the approval of processes and manual actions

  • Electronic Bach Records

Auxiliary activities

  • Cabin cleaning and Scale calibration

  • Product management

  • Vouchers

  • Required material list

  • Job scheduling

  • User activities

  • Warehouse management

  • Historical weighing report

  • Historical cleaning report

  • Audit trail reporting and custom reports

  • Deviation management

  • Electronic signature


Management of master files
· Products
· Recipes

· Status Control at Reception
· Dashboard with outstanding orders
· Outputs from stock materials

Order Management
· Weighing booths
· Expiration date control
· Status control
· Warehouse management
· Cancellation
· Ending
· Historical weighing report
· Weighing guide certificate
· Labels
· Vouchers associated with orders

Overall operations
· Audit trail reporting and custom reports
· Electronic signature