Ip6 LIMS: Laboratory Informations Management Systems

ip6 LIMS, designed to manage the information and daily work in all areas of quality control laboratory in an industrial environment.  It provides a dynamic and paperless tool, which integrates the ERP and production systems with interfaces to achieve maximum efficiency.

ip6 LIMS is a module that can be implemented stand alone or jointly with the warehouse and production modules getting a fully integrated materials management system in a facility. All ip6 modules use the same database.

Ip6 is fully compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
The ip6 standard LIMS solution is a configurable software application that automates the work organization for maximum efficiency from sampling to batch approval, including all the tasks done in a quality control laboratory as certificates, equipment qualification and control, reagents stock etc.

Main features:

  • Fully GMP, GLP, GDP, FDA CFR21 part 11 compliance

  • Configurable according to user requirements.

  • Client / server architecture in Windows environment.

  • Allows multi-user operation with access control by user profile.

  • Es validable y coherente con Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

  • Allows direct capture of instrument data and use of bar codes with the consequent elimination of human errors.

  • It allows the integration with other systems such as ERP (central systems of resource management: stocks, manufacturing, etc.), such as SAP, Navision, BPCS, etc

  • Incorporates automatic calculation of results from primary data.

  • Allows subdivision of work by areas or sections.

  • It can trigger external actions, such as sending e-mail messages, alarms produced by non-specification samples or to alert those responsible for a planned operation (routine water control, equipment calibration, etc.).

  • Maintains traceability in all tasks performed in the laboratory

  • Incorporates resource management:
    ·· Stock of reagents and fungibles
    ·· Equipment and calibrations
    ·· Pending tasks scheduler
    ·· Statistical exploitation of the data

Some of the benefits that ip6 provides are: